Blueprint for Education is a women-owned consultancy that offers a range of services in K-12 and higher education. Our practice includes consulting, evaluation, technical assistance, expert opinion services, and speaking engagements on teaching and learning for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and educational organizations. Our work with clients provides meaningful reflection and clarity on their areas of focus, while delivering the highest technical quality and analysis. Our approach is highly collaborative, needs-driven, and customizable to fit clients’ unique project goals. 

Our areas of practice include: 




Consulting includes range of scopes; including brief reviews and focused feedback to one-on-one interactions where Dr. Kraemer actively participates in team meetings and design sessions. The duration of engagement can also vary to meet the client’s needs, ranging from a teleconference to provide feedback to an ongoing, multi-session to design and implement a project. Consulting projects will often involve technical presentations and analysis to various stakeholder groups, including school boards, administration, teacher unions, or departments in higher education. 

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Technical Assistance 

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Technical assistance supports the implementation of local, state, and federally funded programs, as well as programs that originate from business and foundations.  Dr. Kraemer works to specify key planning and implementation needs, and deliver support to build local capacity and sustainability of programs.

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Speaking and Workshop Presentations

Applied Research & Evaluation

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Applied Research and Evaluation includes a focused and systematic study of specific problem or area of work. This approach uses rigorous, scientific methods to problems areas defined and specified by the client. Applied research projects may range from observational studies of teaching or learning, to survey administration and analysis of survey data. This area also includes program evaluation in K-12 and higher education. 

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Expert Witness Testimony and Analysis


Expert witness testimony and analysis provides opinion for both educational and reporting witness testimonies. Dr. Kraemer researches carefully and uses her experience and expertise to provide rational, clear, and well organized opinions to help shed light and resolve dispute.

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Speaking and workshop presentations supports practitioners, leaders, and policymakers in gaining knowledge and clarity on complex educational topics. Dr. Kraemer facilitates and presents at meetings, conferences, seminars, and retreats to create memorable and meaningful professional learning experiences for participants.  

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