Blueprint for Education, founded in 2013, focuses on improvement of systems through two strategic priorities:

  • Work with organizations, and educational organizations in particular, to adopt models of systems change to improve work culture, processes, and performance outcomes.

  • Reflect upon, assess, and re-design systems to better fit the capabilities and goals of each unique organization.

We focus on these priorities to frame our core services in strategic consulting, program evaluation, and technical assistance. Many times, programs and initiatives lack a systems-level understanding of how their work fits within their own organizational and technical systems, as well as across key partners and stakeholders, which leads to unintended consequences in implementation and underdeveloped findings in program evaluation. An integrated systems framework that captures the essential elements assists in effective implementation, strategic planning, program evaluation, and process improvement.

The heart of our work are the relationships we have with our clients, partners, and collaborators to empathetically co-design solutions that fit the unique needs of organizations.

Please view our Resources, Projects, and Case Studies pages for specific examples of how our systems approach has improved complex organizational projects, programs, and initiatives.

Dr. Sara Kraemer is the founder and owner of Blueprint for Education and is a consultant and evaluator working in education, healthcare, and critical infrastructure systems. She currently leads and supports projects focusing on educator effectiveness, human capital management systems, data systems and analytics, and alternative compensation models in K-12 education. She also works on projects in higher education, assessing impact of programs, policies, and teaching practice on a variety of learning outcomes including opportunity gaps and student achievement.

Her work in healthcare includes systems improvements in healthcare delivery processes and evaluating how training programs influence practitioner effectiveness.

Critical infrastructure and computer systems work examine how people and organizations interface with technology to create opportunities to strengthen system resiliency, security, and performance.

Sara holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Sara’s Resume