Teamwork, collaboration and technical design

Farmington Public Schools
Educator Effectiveness Consulting
Farmington, Michigan

challenge: How do you design a fair and equitable evaluation system?

process: 18 month contract where Blueprint for Education was a consultant for their team. We provided guidance during team meetings and document. Our expert feedback on developing evaluation
system predicted unintended consequences and revealed best practices for the district.

solution: Presented to the School Board on growth models and multiple metrics for the evaluation system to support strategic district decision-making. 



Technical Assistance


Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Program 1-4, U.S. Department of Education
Technical Assistance to TIF Grantees

challenge: Design, implement, and operate a growth-oriented educator evaluation system and alternative compensation system in five years.

process: Support multiple cohorts of grantees to define and develop multiple measures frameworks, growth models, observation systems, and alternative compensation systems with and for educators. Develop a robust human capital management system. 

solution: A fair, equitable, and reliable evaluation system that supports teachers' professional growth and career.