The K-12 Systems and Analytics practice centers on assisting clients in designing effective data systems to support decision-making, and making data clear and usable for stakeholders. 

Data systems need to be designed to support decision-making in the field; Dr. Kraemer's background in systems engineering brings innovative and adaptive tools to bear on the complex problem space of designing data systems with end users in mind. Typically, data systems in education account for a fraction of how is actually used in districts and schools. 

Analytics and data use supports meaningful interpretations of patterns of data, whether it be formative assessments, growth and value-added modeling, or behavioral data. This practice area supports clients in situating data within their own context, identifying and clarifying meaningful research and evaluation questions, and prioritizing and validating data to support their analysis.

K-12 Systems and Analytics projects have included school-level studies of value-added and classroom assignment practices, survey assessments of teacher perceptions about evaluation data use, and assisting a large urban school district in the selection of their data warehouse vendor. Further, Dr. Kraemer has assisted numerous school districts in reliability and validity issues concerning value-added or growth modeling.